Why make the company's stats yourself,
when you can have them done for you?

Dockington Reports

The program that turns your invoice XMLs directly into graphs, allowing you to have your stats always ready, without having to spend a single minute doing them.

Keep an eye on your sales and purchases in real-time.

You'll see right away if something's not going as it should. Which means you'll be able to change direction before it's too late.
Costs and revenues statistics with Dockington Reports

Visualize where your money comes from...

You'll spot immediately your precious customers, and get crystal clear on your priorities.
Customers statistics with Dockington Reports

... and where it goes to.

You'll easily distinguish between necessary costs, investments and wastes. So you'll always feel confident you're spending your money for the right things.
Suppliers statistics with Dockington Reports
Costs and revenues statistics with Dockington Reports

OMG! I still cannot believe it: finally no more data to insert in Excel. Dockington Reports is magic!


Secretary at O.M.M. di Mauro Margaria


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Your most frequently asked questions
  • Does it work on any computer?
    • Yep, and with any operating system. Once you get the download link, you'll be able to choose the version you need: Windows, Linux or macOS.
  • Is it really free?
    • Yes, once you download it, it's free for you forever. Get it now while the offer lasts!