Frustrated by the unreadable electronic invoice XMLs? Here's how to say goodbye to headaches from XML

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Ever double-clicked an xml invoice you've downloaded and then felt dizzy?! If you're anything like my mum, I bet you have. Good news is, it doesn't have to be that way! As for anything in life, there's an easy solution and all you need to do is to find it.

Oh, you already have?! Don't tell me it's one of these two though:

1. You login into the ADE website every single time you're curious about an xml invoice.

While you're definitely right, as it gets the job done, how convenient is it?! Just think of how much time you're wasting inserting your credentials and navigating through the maze of pages before you can view your xml. Not convenient at all. While the ADE website is great for getting and sending your xml invoices once or twice a month, we cannot say the same for when all you want is to visualize xml invoices you've already downloaded on your pc. It just takes way much more time than it should.

2. You use a text editor like WordPad and try to spot some hints about the content of the xml invoice.

First of all, congrats! You must be a tough guy like not many others. However, DON'T DO THAT: it's insane! For real, there's no need to consistently train your eyes: they didn't do anything bad to deserve that torture, did they?

What then? What's the best way to visualize the xml invoices you have on your PC?

The answer is AssoInvoice. And cannot be anything else, honestly. There's nothing like it. Trust me, I researched a lot: you know, who wants to see her mum feel sick day in and day out? For a stupid xml invoice, by the way?! Certainly not me.

But what is AssoInvoice?

AssoInvoice is a free tool created by AssoSoftware with one only task: visualize and print your electronic invoices in a readable format, without unnecessary pain and with no waste of time (and I can guarantee this!). Does it do its job? Perfectly I'd say.

Why is AssoInvoice the best solution to visualize your electronic invoices?

  • It's free.We all agree that 9 times out of 10 you get what you pay for, don't we?! Well, this is that 1 exceptional case in which free or cheap is absolutely not synonym of low-to-no quality.
  • It's easy to use.Extremely easy. There's almost no buttons, hence almost no danger of mistakenly clicking the wrong one!
  • It's convenient.Not only can you visualize your xml invoices in the same format used by the ADE website, but also in 2 other much more compact ways you're probably used to see invoices in. Very handy!
  • It's on your pc.Unlike many similar services, it's not on the cloud and you need to install it on your PC instead. While this certainly has some drawbacks, for this specific task it has a huge advantage: you don't need to spend any time uploading your xml invoices, as it automatically reads what's inside the folder you've selected.
  • It saves you a ton of time.In fact, the only time you spend is for selecting the folder containing your xml invoices. Which btw you do just once: the first time you use it. Everything else is done by AssoInvoice, automatically. All you need to do is to enjoy the comfort of having all the data of your xml invoices at your fingertips. Not sure what that means? For example, that you can find a specific invoice in no time searching by customer and supplier, and filtering by month and year. No more big messy folders to dig into!

Sounds too good to be true?!

Try it and you'll see by yourself. It's really worth it.

My mum went from keeping a paper copy for each and every electronic invoice in a collection of big heavy folders to no folders at all. From digging into those folders every time my dad would need to check an old price he made for a specific customer to typing the name of the customer and have the whole history of the prices. From feeling sick of the whole electronic invoicing thing to feeling excited by the infinite possibilities it opened up.

AssoInvoice changed my mum's life. It may change yours too.

Disclaimer: we're not affiliated with AssoInvoice or AssoSoftware in any way. We're just dedicated to finding the best ways of saving your time and nerves for tasks in the office.

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