These 3 not-so-insignificant mistakes can undermine the reputation of your company. Fix them right away!

Elena Margaria Elena Margaria5 min

If you are an entrepreneur, you know how hard it is to build a reputation for your company. It takes unimaginable amount of time, exceptional/relentless patience and work work work. And you also know how easy it is to have it ruined. It doesn't take many unhappy customers before they spread the word and your reputation is pretty much destroyed.

While you cannot control what your unhappy customers are going to say around when something goes wrong, you can (and should) avoid these 3 mistakes that although not glaring risk to ruin the image of your company and undermine its reputation.


If it wasn't for your company's name at the top, your documents may easily belong to different companies. You did improve though lately. I have to give you credit. You've started using DDT and order templates, which without a doubt help you earn some time and avoid embarrassing typos in your company's info.

However, you see it yourself that your layouts are not consistent. How could they be? You've downloaded the free order template from a website, and signed up somewhere else to get the ddt template as a freebie. Surprise surprise! They have nothing to do with each other. They more or less look like a Fiat and a Tesla parked next to each other (ok, maybe like a Fiat and a Renault, but you got the point!).

Not to mention the offers. Templates not received, so what? You don't create documents for them, easy. You just shoot an email with prices and deadline, that's all. All great, until it's time to make the bill and you have to go find the email where you've set the prices.

Do your customers care? Maybe, maybe not. But you do! You want them to consider you a professional, don't you? Then act as one, and do it consistently, not once in a while! Plus, you'll also make their life easier. You know, when you start having tens of suppliers, finding a specific document in a pile can become a nightmare, especially if your eyes don't know what to search for. If you're consistent with your layout through all your documents, they'll bless you instead of sending you curses!

Here you've got 2 choices. 1) You can create yourself the missing templates and edit those you've downloaded so that all them have the same look and feel. 2) You can use a management software that, among other things, provide you with the templates ready so you don't even have to think about them. Below you can see how homogeneous your documents could look like if you'd use Dockington for instance.


Sometimes you end your email with a cold distant "Regards, <your company name>", others with a casual and friendly "Ciao, <your name>". And when you're too in a hurry, you just skip the whole signature thing all together and go straight to the send button. "They'll check the email address, if they don't understand it's me" you think.

We've all done that. We're so caught up with the thousand things we have to do, that the tiniest of our problems is what signature we should use.

Do your customers care? Maybe, maybe not. But you do! What's sure indeed is that you want them to trust you and your brand. You want them to think of you when they need a service or product you offer. You want to be their #1 recommendation when a friend asks them if they know someone who could solve their problem. And for that, you have to make them feel like they know you. Like you're a guarantee.

That's why you shouldn't neglect your email signature. Because that's one quick way you can increase the "I know you" factor. And this is what I mean by that. When your customers start seeing your same email signature a couple of times in a row, they'll start feeling like they know exactly what to expect from you. And not just in term of words, in general too!

Good news is, you don't even have to think of your email signature if you don't want to, and have it inserted for you at the end of each and every email. How? By setting your default email signature in your email provider. It'll take you 5 minutes and you won't have to think about your signature again! Here's the links to the how-to guides of GMail and Outlook, but keep in mind that you can achieve the same result with 99% of any other email providers so just Google it yourself!


Ever get a call from a customer asking you to check what's the status of his orders? "Can you?! You'd make me a huuuuge favor!" he tells you hopeful to have a quick answer on the spot. "Ok, no worries. I'll call you back as soon as I find out." you reply to earn some time.

In the best case, you start browsing your software management system, filter your orders by customer and take note of what's delivered and what's not. In the worst case, you go get your heavy and dusty exploding binder and start flipping through it in search for the customer's name. "Haven't I closed this order yet? I'm quite sure!" you wonder here and there. And before you know it, half an hour has passed by and you're still not done with it.

I've seen my dad doing that many many times in the past. And I must admit, it was quite funny to observe that endless treasure hunt from the outside. I wonder if he found it funny too!

Do your customers care? I bet! And you do too! First of all, you don't want to waste your time searching for data that you don't even need, while you should actually be working. And then, since your #1 goal is to make them happy, you want to do whatever it takes to ensure that your collaboration goes smooth as oil.

In this case, you have no choice other than a management software. Specifically, one that doesn't only show you the status of your orders by customer, but also keeps it always up to date with your latest deliveries. Below you can see how easy and fast it can be to get the status of the orders for a specific customer with management softwares that are designed with that in mind. With Dockington, for instance, it takes less than 10 seconds. Look to believe! And while you do, keep in mind how long it would take instead to go through the heavy dusty exploding binder! Or even just to make the list yourself of what's still to be delivered once you have all the available to you.

And there you have it. Honestly, I’m still shocked how many people still don’t use the fix for Mistake #2 — including my dad! I promise you, if you can avoid these pitfalls, you will see results. Results like more spontaneous word-of-mouth, more recurrent sales and more emails from your customers just to say "Thank you!". And if you're one of the very few who are already not making any of these mistakes, congrats! It means you're doing everything you can to keep up your reputation with your customers, so be proud!

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